Fenix TK51 Flashlight & Charger Combos
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Fenix TK51 Flashlight & Charger Combos

by: Fenix


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  • Beneath you will find a detailed breakdown of the Fenix TK51 Flashlight Combo #1. Purchase your special combination while supplies last. Prices are subject to change at any time.

    1 x Fenix TK51 Flashlight $163.99
    1 x Xtar XP4 Charger $59.99
    3 x Fenix 18650/3400 mah Lithium Batteries $89.99
    $313.97 Total Price (CAN)
    6.5% % Discount Savings
    $20.40 $ Discount Savings
    $293.56 Final Price (with discount CAN)

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