Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern
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Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern

by: Fenix


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Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern 

The Fenix CL30R rechargeable camping lantern offers flexibility in power, charging and brightness levels. This versatile lantern not only features a Micro USB port to recharging, but it is the first Fenix lantern that serves as an independent charging station for other devices. The powerful CL30R delivers a maximum output of 650 lumens, which illuminates an area 35 meters in diameter. Powered by one, two or three 18650 rechargeable batteries, this lantern offers five brightness levels, Turbo and Flash. The CL30R features a cold-resistant battery compartment for all-season use, charging and battery-level indicators for accurate operation, and a hanging lanyard and tripod socket for flexible lighting options

FAQs of Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern 

  1. What is the product positioning of CL30R and who are the target customers?

A: Fenix CL30R is a high intensity charge and discharging camping lantern. It delivers a maximum output of 650 lumens and an area 35 meters in diameter. Powered by one, two or three 18650 rechargeable batteries, CL30R offers five brightness levels; cold-resistant battery compartment, charging and battery-level indicators, waterproof to IPX-7 standard, ideal for your camping activities etc. 

  1. What are the key features and benefits of CL30R?

A: The key features of CL30R are:

  • Max 650 lumens output, wide beam illumination
  • Micro USB charge and discharge function
  • Independent circuit design
  • Battery level indicator 
  1. Is CL30R compatible with flat-top 18650 Li-ion batteries?

A: No, it isn’t. Due to the physical reverse polarity protection, CL30R only supports the 18650 Li-ion batteries with button top. 

  1. Can CL30R be lightened up directly with connected USB cable without batteries?

A: Yes, it can. But the lantern can only be lightened at Low output. 

  1. Is CL30R waterproof when the USB plug is opened?

A: Yes, it is. Because CL30R is internally waterproof structure.

Fenix CL30R Specs

LED Brightness Level Waterproof Specifications (Width, Length, Diameter) Weight Battery
 White and Red LED 5 output levels IPX-7 93mm(Length)×93mm(Width)×136mm(Height) 142g 1 x 18650
ANSI FL-1 General Mode
Turbo High Mid Low Eco Flash
Output (lumens) 650 350 100 50 10 100
Runtime 2600mAh 4h 30min 9h 38h 70h 300h 70h
Runtime 3500mAh 6h 12h 51h 93h 400h 93h
Distance (35 m)
Impact Resistant (1m)

 Note: The above-mentioned parameters (lab-tested by using three Fenix ARB-L18-3500 and the included Fenix ARB-L18-2600 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries) are approximate and may vary between flashlights, batteries and environments.

    • Max 650 lumens, wide-range and high-intensity luminance
    • Powered by one, two or three 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries
    • Serves as a portable power bank
    • Excellent cold-resistant design
    • Integrated Micro-USB charging with battery level indicator and low-voltage warning function
    • 35-meter diameter wide-range beam
    • Waterproof to IPX-7 standard
    • Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation
    • Tripod socket for easy attachment
    • Single button switch for easy and fast operation
    • Length:93mm
    • Width: 93mm
    • Height: 136mm
    • Weight: 130 grams (4.5 oz) excluding battery
    • Spare O-ring for water seal                          
    • 3 pcs ARB-L18-2600 rechargeable 18650 battery    
    • Micro-USB cable
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Card

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