EagleTac D25A Clicky
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EagleTac D25A Clicky

by: EagleTac


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EagleTac D25A Specs

LED Brightness Level Waterproof Specifications (Width, Length, Diameter) Weight Battery
CREE XM-L 4/7 output levels IPX-8 88mm (Length)x17mm (Bezel Diameter) 20g 1 X AA
ANSI/FSC General Mode
  Turbo High Low Moon
Output (LED lumen) 176 107 10 1
Output (OTF lumen) 122 75 8 0.5
Runtime 1.3h 2.5h 20h 150h


  • Battery
    1 x AA battery
    Operating Voltage Range: 0.8V to 1.5V
    (also compatible with 3.7V 14500 li-ion, see below for details)

    XM-L U2
    LED Lumen: 176/107/10/1
    OTF Lumen: 122/75/8/0.5

    Above output has moon-mode enabled, with moon mode disabled: - lowest output increases by about 6 times, to 4 lumen, and the second lowest output doubles, to around 20 lumen

    Run times
    1.3/2.5/20/150 + hours

    Cool White Bin only
    • Length: 3.4 inch (8.7cm)
    • Body Diameter: 0.65 inch (1.7cm)
    • Head Diameter: 0.7 inch (1.75cm)
    • Body Weight (excluding batteries): 0.85 ounces (24 grams)
    • User’s manual
    • O ring
    • lanyard
    • rigid holster
  • 1) Press the rear button switch until it clicks to turn on the flashlight. To switch off the light, press the switch again until it clicks.

    2) Switching between group output: With the flashlight on, tighten the head to access group 2 output. Loosen the head to access group 1 output.

    3) Switching between modes: With the flashlight on, slightly press the switch and release (within 1.5 s) to switch to the next output. Programmable Features
    Moonlight output - dim or increase the entire output range of the group 1 output. Toggle this setting starting with the head loose, turn on the light, and then repeat tighten and loosen three times.

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