Acebeam PT10-GT Rechargeable PEN LIGHT reaching 400 lumens
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Acebeam PT10-GT Rechargeable PEN LIGHT reaching 400 lumens

by: Acebeam


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Acebeam PT10-GT is a sleek, compact, rechargeable pen light with amazing brightness. With a selection of 3 different LEDs (SAMSUNG LH351D / OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG / NICHIA 219C), allows you the flexibility of charging on-the-go, provides a pocket clip for convenience, and the ultimate in versatility with new high, middle and low mode functionality. Powered by 10900 built-in charging port Li-ion battery, you can get an amazing 400 lumens by SAMSUNG LH351D LED. Utilizes high colour rendering (CRI≥90)NICHIA 219C LED to allow medical personnel and first responders to see every detail of the object and helping them to make an accurate diagnose. This penlight is comfortable to use with textured knurling and will easily go with you everywhere with convenient clip. Simple operation with one touch tail switch.



Multiple LEDs for meeting the needs of different users
1 x SAMSUNG LH351D LED output 400 lumens
1 x OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG LED throw 123 meters
1 x NICHIA 219C LED CRI ≥90 color rendering and
 Zero blue ray damage ( RG0 )

LED option 1:
Low: 5 lumens ; 28 hours; 6 meters; 10cd
Mid: 250 lumens ; 1 hour 15 minutes; 50 meters; 630cd
High: 400 lumens ; 30 minutes; 72 meters; 1300cd

LED option 2 : 
Low: 4 lumens ; 28 hours; 14 meters; 50cd
Mid: 200 lumens ; 1 hour 15 minutes; 96 meters; 2300cd
High: 250 lumens ; 45 minutes ; 123 meters ; 3800cd

LED option 3: 1 x NICHIA 219C (CRI≥90)
Low: 3 lumens; 28 hours; 6 meters; 10cd
Mid: 150 lumens; 1 hour 15 minutes; 47 meters; 560 cd
High: 200 lumens; 45 minutes; 64 meters; 1030 cd

Powered by customized ACEBEAM 10900 rechargeable Li-ion battery with built-in Micro- USB charging port

Size : 133.75 mm ( length ) x 14 mm ( tube diameter )
Weight : 41.8 g with battery 

Accessories included in package :
1 x ACEBEAM 10900 Li-ion battery ; 
1 x Micro-USB Cable; 
1 x Pocket Clip; 
2 x O-rings; 
1x User Manual;
1 x Warranty Card; 
1 x Battery Warning Card

Utilizes high efficient constant circuit (non-PWM)
Reverse polarity protection prevents circuit damaged from reversed batteries
Tail switch, convenient for one-handed operation
Streamlined pen design that is lightweight and stylish
Aerospace grade aluminum alloy body with mil-spec hard anodization
Utilizes an optical lens to provide a soft and balanced beam 
Stainless steel pocket clip with rose gold plated
Can be submerged in alcohol for sterilization
Specially designed for Medical Use, Technical Use, Everyday Use and Outdoor Use

Note: 2X10440 batteries are banned.


There are three LEDs :

Which LEDs should I pick ?

LED option 1:
Purpose : Very floody (No throw) Beam profile goes side ways
LED option 2 : 
Purpose : Perfect for throw - 123 meters
LED option 3: 1 x NICHIA 219C (CRI≥90)
Purpose : Great for photography. Objects being shot look more natural.



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