Acebeam M50 Rechargeable USB Tiny Keychain Light
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Acebeam M50 Rechargeable USB Tiny Keychain Light

by: Acebeam


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The Acebeam M50 is an Micro-USB rechargeable aluminum keychain light that is available with three different LEDs (SAMSUNG LH351D / OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG / NICHIA 219C). The Samsung LH351D LED provides 200 lumens for super bright with such a small and compact size of the M50. The OSRAM LED produces a beam that throws further for those looking for a beam that can cover more distance.The Nichia 219C LED option which provides a 90+ CRI rating for true-to-life colour rendering perfect for those accustomed to warmer beams or are looking for a beam that won't wash out any colour especially for critical electrical, mechanical, or medical work. Acebeam M50 only requires you to twist the light to access either the low or high modes. Fully tighten the lens to get high mode or simply loosen slightly for low mode. With the micro-USB recharging, the light will be full charged within 1 hour !
Combo # 1
LED option 1: 1 x SAMSUNG LH351D
Low: 7 lumens; 5 hours; 8 meters; 17cd
High: 200 lumens; 15 minutes; 43 meters; 460cd

Combo #2
LED option 2: 1 x OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG
Low: 5 lumens; 7 hours; 14 meters; 50cd
High: 120 lumens; 20 minutes;72 meters; 1300cd

Combo #3
LED option 3: 1 x NICHIA 219C
Low: 5 lumens; 7 hours; 8 meters; 17cd
High: 120 lumens; 20 minutes; 41 meters; 430cd

Size: 43.28mm (Length) x 13.9mm(Tube Diameter)
Weight: 10.95g with built-in battery
Max output 200 lumens
Max running time 7 hours
Max beam distance 72 meters
Peak beam intensity 1300cd

Rechargeable Tiny Keychain Light
Multiple LEDS and Materials for meeting the needs of different users:
1xSAMSUNG LH351D LED output 200 lumens
1xOSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG LED throw 72 meters
1xNICHIA 219C LED CRI ≥90 color rendering
Utilizes a TIR optical lens to provide a soft and balanced beam
Utilizes high efficient constant circuit ( non-PWM )
Customized built-in 3.7V 10150 rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Rechargeable through a built-in Micro-USB charging port, fully charged within only 1 hour
Battery charging is needed when the brightness is dimmer
Extremely small and lightweight, can be connected to a key ring for simple and convenient carry
High and Low mode for option
Rotary control switch, convenient for one-handed operation
IPX8 Waterproof rating, All-weather applicable

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