Nitecore EH1S Intrinsically Safe Explosion Proof Headlamp
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Nitecore EH1S Intrinsically Safe Explosion Proof Headlamp

by: Nitecore


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1 Features Of Product EH 1 is perfectly created with electronic design, software     design, production craft design and user-friendly design. It applies the most         advanced technology of the LED light source and high-capacity li-Ion battery       technology to create a brighter and lighter multi-purpose portable                         explosion- protected lamp. Our product Is a kind of ideal lighting equipment         for mining using, Industry using, also used for outdoor activity, riding lighting       and other many other practical purposes.

 1.1  100000 Hours Lifespan and Super Stable Brightness The product applies             the most advanced American CREE LED light source and advanced drive           PCB, which promises its life span up to 100000 hours in certain condition.           The well-designed reflector reduces the light absorption, which greatly                 improves the brightness.

1.2 Light in Weight EH1 Is designed to be super light and the EH1S is only                149 g, which is half weight of the normal lamps.

1.3 Safe, reliable, maintenance-free and anti static The la-ion battery of EH1 is          maintenance-free. Moreover, the battery protecting PCB can protect the              battery from overcharge, over discharge, over current, and short circuit so            that the battery won't explode or burn. Therefore, the safety and reliability of        EHI are well guaranteed. Meanwhile, the enclosure material has a character        o f anti static electricity.

1.4 Impact-resistance The shell of EH1 is made of bulletproof PC. The                     optimized mold design not only strengthens the hardness of the shell but             also lessens the internal stress, which makes EH1 stronger in impact                   resistance and  more durable in life span. 7/12

Switch On / Off

• When the light is off, short press the switch button to turn on the light                  and access HIGH. Short press the switch button repeatedly to reduce                  brightness to MEDIUM, LOW and to turn off.

• When the light is off, long press the switch button for over 3s to access                Constant Red light. In this status, short press the switch button to access            Flashing Red light. Then short press the switch button again to turn off the          light.

• When the light is on, long press the switch button for over is to access SOS. In     this status, short press the switch button to access BEACON. Then short             press  the switch button again to turn off the light.


Nitecore EH1S Intrinsically Safe Explosion Proof Headlamp switching on and off.

18650 5 h 20 H 60 h
205 m ( Beam Distance )
10,500 cd ( Peak Beam Distance)
1.8 m ( Impact Resistant )

Technical Specifications from Nitecore EH1S headlamp

    • Intrinsically safe LED headlamps
    • Explosion Group 11B, Operating Temp Class 15 (100 °C)
    • Featuring Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology to adjust output performance according to body temperature
    • Utilizing a Cree XP-G2 S3 LED
    • Powered by one built in 18650 battery for maximum output of 260 lumens
    • USB magnetic charging cable for output 1000mA.
    • Intuitive user - interface with a button switch ensures easy one handed operations.
    • Features 3 brightness levels and 2 special modes.
    • Featuring constant illumination / slow flashing red light.
    • Featuring power indicator and low battery alert.
    • Helmet mount included.
    • IP54 rating for dust and water resistance.
    • 1.8 meter impact resistance.
    • Length : 83 mm
    • Width : 151 mm
    • Weight : 149 g
    • USB magnetic charging cable
    • helmet mount
    • User Manual
    • Head band

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