Nitecore NTH30B Flashlight Holster

Color: Nitecore NTH30B Flashlight Holster
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 Nitecore NTH30B Flashlight Holster

 360 degree rotate swivel holster that turns your flashlight into a waist lamp that enables you hand free operations.

  • Swivel button ensures you can securely lock your holster at any angle.
  • Easy to put the light in and pull it out ensures a quick draw in any tactical situation.
  • Extra battery compartment to carry a backup battery so you never run out of battery.
  • Designed for:
    • P20, P20UV
  • Compatible with:
    • P10, P12, P25
    • MT25, MT26
    • SRT7
    • CR6
    • CG6

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