JetBeam RRT-M1X White Laser LED Flashlight with 2300 meter throw
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JetBeam RRT-M1X White Laser LED Flashlight with 2300 meter throw

by: JETBeam


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The Acebeam W30 has been discontinued for over a year now and the JETBeam RRT-M1X white laser LED flashlight is the flashlight that we found that can be compared to it. It can throw a beam distance of 2300 meters away with a burst of 480 lumens output.

Delivering reliable, powerful lighting for a long range of situations, it is perfect for tactical use, hunting use, outdoor use, professional use, security, & law enforcement.


This light uses a high efficiency LEP emitter. Please use in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. By using this device, you certify you have read the included “Laser Safety” warnings and release the manufacturer and retailers from all liabilities.
The tail cap acts as a “safety key” and must be kept safe. The tail cap switch can shut off the light immediately or by twisting off the tail cap as a safety back-up.  An opaque protective cover can be purchased additionally. Equipped properly, this protector will prevent any light from escaping the front of the flashlight as a safety device.
DO NOT aim at another person. DO NOT aim at mirrors, glasses or other reflective surfaces. DO NOT aim at aircraft or vehicles in operation.


  • Unauthorized disassembly may damage the light and void the warranty.
  • The light will increase in surface heat during use, recommended use is outdoors in a well ventilated area with ambient temperature under 25 degrees Celsius and the wind speed exceeds 5m/s. When the light is uncomfortable to hold due to increased heat, please turn the light off until it cools down. If used indoors, it is recommended to be used for no more than 10 minutes each time and allow the light to cool down between uses.
  • Please swap out the O-rings regularly to maintain the water resistance level.
  • Lubricate the threads with professional grade lubricant regularly.
  • Maintain and keep clean any contact surfaces of the flashlight with alcohol swab.  This may prevent irregular flashes during use.  
  • Remove batteries during storage. Keep lithium-ion batteries charged approximately every 4 months.
  • This flashlight may not be used as a diving light.
  • Do not aim this light directly at eyes or exposed skin to prevent injuries.
  • Keep this flashlight out of the reach of children.


JETBeam RRT-M1X White Laser LED Flashlight Specs

LED Brightness Level Waterproof Specifications (Width, Length, Diameter) Weight Battery
WP-T2 3 output levels + SOS , Strobe IPX-8 Head size: 61mm, Body size: 28.3mm, Length: 185mm 360 g 1 x 18650, 1 x 20700, 1 x 21700
ANSI/FSC General Mode
  High Mid Low
      1x21700 battery Output (lumens) 480 75
Runtime 4.4 h 7h 11.5 h
Distance (2,300m)      
Intensity (1322500 cd)      
    • Uses WP-T2 laser LED
    • Maximum 480LM output, max 2300m throw 
    • Constant digital circuit board design
    • Maximum runtime 11.5 hours 
    • Magnetic rotary switch + tail cap tactical switch, allows access to modes quickly and precisely
    • Strobe and SO
    • Battery has anti-reverse protection circuits.
    • Compatible with 1'21700* & 1'18650 battery
    • JETBeam Patent temperature control technology for overheating protection 
    • Customized high transparency optical lens 
    • High-strength aerospace aluminum alloy 
    • HAIII hard anodizing finish
    • Impact resistance of 1 meter 
    • IPX-8 water resistance (2 meter submersible)
    • Material: Lightweight design with aircraft-grade titanium
    • Head Diameter: 0.61 mm
    • Length: 185 mm
    • Weight: 360g (excluding battery) 
    • Jetbeam 21700 lithium battery
    • User Manual
    • Packaging 
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