Fenix Traffic Wand AD201 for LD20,LD20, PD20, PD30
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Fenix Traffic Wand AD201 for LD20,LD20, PD20, PD30

by: Fenix


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  • Additional Information

  • Fenix's traffic wand will convert your flashlight into a glowing orange high-visibility.

    It's a great option for emergency situations and traffic control.

  • Features
    Made from PC 2805 plastic created by Bayer Material Science AG
    Impact and heat resistant (PC 2805 is actually used in bullet-proof applications)
    Easy to attach, easy to remove.

  • Compatible with the following Fenix models: LD10 / LD20 / L1D / L2D / PD20 / PD30 / P2D / P3D

    Length: 155 mm , 21.5 mm diameter

  • 21.5 mm diameter, compatible with LD10, LD20, PD20 AND PD30

This do not fit in the Fenix PD35 TAC flashlight.

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