Acebeam UC15 key chain in grey with 10440 Batteries
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Acebeam UC15 key chain in grey with 10440 Batteries

by: Acebeam


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Overview :

In grey colour only.

Please note : 

Combo #1  with 2 x 10440 lithium batteries

Combo #2  with 4 X 10440 lithium batteries


Using 10440 lithium batteries will be able to push the 1000 lumens limit.

Using regular AAs will not give you the 1000 lumens brightness.

Not all dealers will included these special batteries.

It may look cute and come in a range of colours, but Acebeam's new UC15 keychain light is a serious tool from the makers of some of the brightest and best-made flashlights in the world. On the "high" setting the UC15 delivers a healthy 250 lumens using two AAA batteries, or an awe-inspiring 1000 lumens from two rechargeable 10440 lithium ion cells. Coupled with an 107-metre throw from the latest Cree XP-L or Nichia LEDs this is more than enough to read a street sign or light up a front yard. Better yet, the UC15 provides a "mid" setting of 82 lumens (200 lumens with lithium ion cells) and a "low" of 10 lumens, which is enough to read a map or find your way to the bathroom, and it can maintain this output throughout the longest night! Simple and intuitive operation, a low-battery-warning indicator, IP54 sealing and rubber switch and keyring connectors combine to make this the gift that keeps giving - for yourself or anyone else!

Acebeam UC15 Specs

LED Brightness Level Waterproof Specifications (Width, Length, Diameter) Weight Battery
1*Cree XP-L /Nichia 276A 365nm/Cree XPE-R2 LED 5 level Brightness IP54

66.10mm (Length) x 29mm (Width) x16.3mm (Thickness)

39g 2 x AAA/2 x 10440
FL1 STANDARD General Mode
Strobe Turbo High Mid Low Moon Red/630mm UV/365mm
Output (lumens) (2xAAA) 250 250 105 60 30 5 / /
Runtime(2xAAA) / 1.1h 2h 4h 7.5h 37h 1.6h 1.3h
Output (lumens)(2x10440) 1000 1000~200 600~200 300 140 5 / /
Runtime(2x10440) / 1min+46min 40min+30min 1.1h 24h 46h 1.5h 1.2h
Beam Distance (107m) max
Beam Intensity (2880cd)
Impact Resistance (1m)


    • LED: 1*Cree XP-L /Nichia 276A 365nm/Cree XPE-R2 LED
    • When using 2*10440 batteries
      Moon: 5 lms, 46h
      Low: 140 lms, 2.4h
      Mid: 330 lms, 1.1h
      High: 600~200 lms, 4 min + 30 min
      Turbo: 1000~200 lms, 1 min+46 min
      Strobe: 1000 lms
      Red: 1.5h
      UV: 1.2h

      Battery Indication:
      Indicator Lighting Green > 3.3V
      Indicator Lighting Red among 3.1-3.3V
      Indicator Lighting Red&Flash < 3.1V
      Turn off automatically < 2.7V

    • When using 2*AAA (Alkaline/Ni-MH) batteries:
      Moon: 5 lms, 37h
      Low: 30 lms, 7.5h
      Mid: 60 lms, 4h
      High: 105 lms, 2h
      Turbo: 250 lms, 1.1h
      Strobe: 250 lms
      Red: 1.6h
      UV: 1.3h

      Battery Indication:
      Indicator Lighting Green > 1.05V
      Indicator Lighting Red among 1.05-0.95V
      Indicator Lighting Red&Flash < 0.5V

    • Working voltage: 0.9V - 4.2V
    • Max Runtime: 37h
    • Max Beam Distance: 107M
    • Peak Beam Intensity: 2880CD
    • Impact Resistance: 1M
    • Water Resistance: IP54
    • Aircraft grade aluminum body structure
    • Premium Type III Hard Anodized Anti-abrasive finish
    • Stainless steel king ring connector
    • Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating
    • Mini Key Chain Light is one of your indispensable companions when daily use,hiking, reading,searching and so on.
    • Note: Low battery warning when red light indicates flash.
    • Size: 66.10mm ( Length ) x 29 mm ( Width ) x 16.3 mm ( Thickness )
    • Weight: 39g ( without battery )
    • 1 x Nice gift packing box
    • 1 x Hexagon wrench
    • 1 x Removable Pocket Clip
    • 1 x user manual
    • 1 x warranty card
    • Combo #1 : 2 x Acebeam 10440 rechargeable lithium ion cells.
    • Combo #2 : 4 x Acebeam 10440 rechargeable lithium ion cells.

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